Our team consists of payroll experts and certified public accountansts (CPA). We have many years of experience in the field of labor law practice. In order to follow up the payroll transactions in accordance with the law and to establish the necessary systems, we develop special pragmatic solutions for the needs of our customers.

We have won the trust of hundreds of organizations. We Calculated Millions of Payroll


    As İstanbulCota Group®, we develop pragmatic solutions for the needs of companies and organizations in different sectors. We offer integrated payroll outsorce servicess. 

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Your payroll transactions are done quickly,


Your information is not shared with third parties. All information is stored securely.


You don't have to hire personnel for your payroll processes


You'll get support for all your questions and needs.


You receive special reports that you can control your costs.


You do not have any expenses such as payroll software, employee salary, seniority, SGK, tax

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IstanbulCota Group® Offers FREE Incentive Processes in Payroll Outsourcing Services.