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    İstanbulcot Group®, Turkey offers payroll service anywhere within their borders. Taking into account all the needs of its customers, it determines the solution plan and focuses on establishing the best system. The company follows the personnel transactions and other necessary legal process throughout the whole working period from the beginning of the employment. Istanbulcota Group takes responsibility for monthly insurance declarations and prevents companies from being at risk.


      IstanbulCota Group®, providing Bodro outsourcing services, guides you to the right result by guiding employees on the issues of termination of the employment contract while executing the necessary legal entry while starting work. It examines the payroll documents, guides, advises and helps you to keep costs at a minimum with the methods that benefit you.


     İstanbulcota Group®, which acts with utmost importance and sensitivity in the confidentiality of the solution partners it works with, guarantees the highest level of privacy and protection under the law on the protection of personal data. 

Payroll Servicess Process

Personnel recruitment and exit notifications


-> Introduction to Employment

-> Dismissal Insurance Statement

-> Transfer Employee Entry-Exit operations Insurance Statement

Creating Payroll Information

-> Working Times

-> Overwork Hours

-> Additional Allowances and Premiums

-> Missing Days And Additional Deductions

Preparation of Payroll

-> Checking Payroll Information

-> Making deductions

-> Controlling Legal Calculations by Person

Legal Notices

-> Submitting Insurance Premium and Service Declarations and Receiving Accruals

-> Iskur Labor Force Declaration

-> Control of Current Incentives and Supports


-> Standard Payroll Reports

-> Custom Reporting (English - Arabic)

Why Istanbulcota Payroll Servicess ?

 -> After identifying your company's payroll requirements, we develop cost-effective solutions for your entire payroll process. We monitor the personal processes and legal processes throughout the working period of your employees starting from the beginning. We regulate the insurance and ISKUR declarations of the businesses of your company.


 -> In our payroll services, we take legal responsibilities and protect you from financial risks.


->We ensure that you are prepared for the legal risks that may arise due to the interests of the employer and the staff in the employment and dismissal procedures.


-> We provide consultancy services with our Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Lawyers in recruitment, placement and termination processes.


->By checking your payrolls, we offer useful advice and we make full use of your legal rights to reduce your labor costs.


->We provide customized pragmatic solutions to your company and your needs in order to collect monthly payroll information. 


->For the tracking and management of your payroll transactions, we are assigning two customer representatives


->In our payroll services, we guarantee the highest level of privacy and protection under the law on the protection of personal data. We ensure that personnel fees and payroll data remain strictly confidential.  


->Turkish, English and Arabic language options are able to report.


->In case of information requests before 16:00 (4:00pm), we provide return on the same day.


->With the software company between our group of partners, we develop IT solutions at affordable costs for your needs such as payroll imaging, personnel permit tracking, human resources and expense tracking.


->The fact that there are Financial Consultancy (CPA) and Legal Consultancy companies among our group partners supports the payroll team in terms of legislation.

     İstanbulcota Group®, which prepares and reports Payroll Outsourcing Services with its team consisting of payroll specialists and certified accountants, provides services to companies in all areas of work required in their business life.

How Can We Help You ? 

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IstanbulCota Group® Offers FREE Incentive Processes in Payroll Outsourcing Services.